Textile Protect

 1) What type of textile material can I apply on?

It can be apply on suede, calf leather, nubuck, cotton, velvet, silk, canvas, mixture of polyester and cotton.
Examples: Shoes, apparel, bags, hats/ caps, children car seat, linens, fabric furniture.

2) Is your Textile Protect waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof, is water resistant. It will repel liquids or water off the surface.

3) How long can it lasts?

There are a lot of factors which we have to depend on. The types of detergent, level of abrasion, weather, your usage or activities of your coated items. Normally, we will recommend you to do a re-coat every 2 to 3 for less usage and 1 month re-coat for active usage.

4) Will the coating discoloured original colour and affect the texture of material?

No, it will not affect the original colour, the appearance as well as the feel of the texture. As the coating allows the surface to breath, therefore it will still look bright and vibrant.

5) How do i spray on the materials?

Make sure the materials is clean and dry before you spray. Spray at a distance about 10-15cm away from the materials. Spray evenly on surface till wet. Leave to air dry for 12 hours before using.


Glass Protect

1) Where can I apply on?

It can be apply on glass shower screen, windows, mirror, car windscreen, float glass, basin, quartz, marble, granite, ceramic, homogenous tiles.
Examples: Car windscreen, glass façade, bath tub, sink, ceramic wall. 

2) How long can it last?

Typically, under a normal condition, you may re-coat after 8 months for a proper performance.

3) Does it affect the visibility if applied on car windscreen?

No. It is a transparent coating. It provides a cleaner and clearer surface and will improve on the visibility when rains.


Stone Protect 

1) Where can I apply on?

It can be apply on all silicate base stone materials including: terracotta, sandstone, concrete, marble, roofing tiles and tile grout.
Examples: Water fountain, stone/ brick featured wall, artifacts, cement wall.

2) How long can it last?

It normally can last up to 2 years if the treated surfaces are indoor. For outdoor, it depends on the weather condition, you may re-coat after 6 months to 8 months to maintain the performance.