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LiquidGlass Glass & Ceramic Protect

LiquidGlass Glass & Ceramic Protect is a water-based transparent hydrophobic coating, which forms an ultra-thin protective layer that repels water, oil, dirt and most other common contaminated liquid as well as scratch-resistant on the glass and ceramic surfaces; cleaning will therefore be lesser effort, reduce cleaning intervals, saves maintenance time and costs. The coating will also increase lifespan of the glass and ceramic and helps maintaining a newer, clearer and cleaner surface. 

There is no optical distortion when this product is properly applied. 

Treated surfaces remains breathable and flexible. It will not change the color of the materials surface. In addition, it able to prevent against negative ambient like grease, hard water stains, mold and mildew. Further more, it is resistant to UV, acidic and alkaline properties. Suitable to use on glass, ceramic, granite, quartz, marble, homogeneous and etc. Glass Protect is a solvent-based product, Eco Friendly and non-toxic. Contain Ethanol (Flammable) 

Lab Tested – Pencil Hardness Test 6H ASTM D3363 : 2005 ( 2011)

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