LiquidGlass Tech manufactured by Hughco Group Pte Ltd whom specializes in Super Hydrophobic and Hydrophobic Nanotechnology material surface protection coating. Our products are designed to serve as a protection coatings for all kind of surfaces. We sell to local consumers and also engage in international distribution by exporting the products to other countries.

Hughco Group Pte Ltd is a Singapore company specialising in nanotechnology products. Its core business is the manufacture, distribution and sale of protective sealant products to the local and international markets. The company also specialises in custom formulations, providing innovative, high-tech coatings to customers.

Together with its global partners, Hughco Group works closely with leading nanotechnology institutes located in Europe – the recognised world leaders in nanotechnology, and the US – another strong contender for nanotechnology advances. Its vision is to leverage on emerging capabilities in the area of nanotechnology to develop innovative new surface technologies that can replace conventional coatings, and create leading-edge products for widespread use. Already, the company has made headway with its in-house brand, LiquidGlass Tech, which is formulated and produced locally.

LiquidGlass Tech products are formulated and produced in Singapore. 

We welcome distributors from worldwide. Please contact us for more information.