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LiquidGlass specializes in Super Hydrophobic and Hydrophobic Nanotechnology material surface protection coating


“Have been looking for something to protect my shoes whenever I’m out and about. It was then I found Liquid Glass Textile Protect spray. After looking at the videos of actual product testing, I was somehow sold to the idea and gave it a shot. And guess what? I’m on my 6th bottle now. Definitely recommend this!”

– S. Yusof

I was in Japan and it was raining heavily but thanks to LiquidGlass Textile Protect, my shoes and feet were dry throughout the day! This really saved me a lot of hassle and what’s best is I hardly need to wash my shoes after spraying LiquidGlass Textile Protect on.

– Syndris

I was sceptical at first, however after a thorough demonstration of the product, I was blown away by its effectiveness. I highly recommend this product as it performs as advertised.

– Kevin Schwarz